Merriam Hill Association
Officers and Board of Directors 2017 - 2018

Officers (one-year term)
Co-Presidents   Dan Voss & Stacey Raiche
Vice President   OPEN
Treasurer   David Chanoux
Secretary   Allison Brader

Board of Directors

Members to be (re-)elected: March 2017 through March 2019

Allison Brader   3 Hayes Ave.
David Levine   27 York Street
Warren Manhard   3 Stetson Street
Leslie Masson   12 Hayes Ave
Tony Michel   52 Hancock St
Marlene Stone   19 Woodland Rd
Dani Fleming   16 Meriam St.
Patti Manhard   3 Stetson Street
Fred Johnsonn   4 Stetson Street
Pam Richter   61 Meriam Street

Associate member to be elected:
Bebe Fallick   4 Diehl Rd

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